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The Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio

Solve the challenges of data integrations in a flexible and customizable way with Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio. Significantly reduce the effort to implement fast, flexible, and future-proof data exchange processes.

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Modern Platforms and Data Exchange

Today’s e-commerce platforms, especially those with complex buying processes, need to share data with many outside sources to function effectively.

However, making data flow smoothly between all these connections can be challenging, especially with platforms that have grown organically or through acquisitions, resulting in high complexity.

This is where middleware can help, by integrating data more easily, in a flexible way, while reducing the effort needed for data exchange use-cases.

Diagram showing Spryker integrating with various middleware solutions including SAP, Oracle, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Boxalino, Teamleader, Vend, and others, connected via Alumio.

The Main Challenges of Data Integration

Integrating and managing data across diverse systems presents several critical recurring challenges.


Data models need to be correctly mapped, while data formats need to be correctly transformed.


Data has to be accurately synchronized between different systems to ensure accuracy.


Large amounts of data must be efficiently and promptly processed to maintain data currency and deliver a satisfactory user experience.

Security and Compliance

Sensitive data requires safeguarding against malicious attacks and must be managed in compliance with protection regulations like GDPR.


Data quality is critical for an outstanding user experience in order to avoid any errors and discrepancies.

"Our objective is to reduce the data exchange implementation and maintenance efforts for Spryker customer projects by 90%"

Boris Lokschin CEO, Spryker

Long-term Value
for your Business

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Centralized and flexible management of data flows

Higher customer satisfaction

Consistent & up-to-date data across all touchpoints

Higher conversion rate

React to customer demands and competitive challenges more quickly

Lower return rate

More comprehensive & accurate product information

Faster time-to-value

Shorter setup times for integrations

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Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio

Modern e-commerce platforms, especially those for sophisticated and complex purchasing journeys, require the exchange of data with numerous third-party systems in order to successfully enable business transactions and provide data insights. Read our Handout for more details on our solution.

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