Why Composability is Your Solution to Scarce Developer Resources

Spryker App Composability

Why You Need to Read this Handout

This handout explains the core concepts of Composable Commerce and how it helps with your challenges recruiting developers.

  • How to attract and retain talent

  • What is Composable Commerce

  • How composability benefits developers

  • Why app integrations are the future of e-commerce

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Introducing: Composable Commerce

A term developed by Gartner, Composable Commerce is, at its core, the concept that you can custom-build your e-commerce platform like forming a modern orchestra – using only the instruments that you want. A composable approach allows businesses to build a highly customized tech stack that enables only the functionalities that serve their unique business requirements and drops the ones that do not.

challenges in recruiting developers

What can Spryker's App Composition Platform do for your business?

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