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DIY specialist creates record growth with customer centricity and niche shops

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What does Kömpf do?

Kömpf is a family-owned champion in the DIY sector. The expert for building materials trading was founded in 1934 and now consists of 28 online stores in addition to stationary DIY stores. Both offline and online, Kömpf focuses on outstanding service.

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Loss of Flexibility

Kömpf is a national heavyweight in the building materials trade. "I'm off to Kömpf" is a common saying in the Calw region and other parts of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and synonymous with a visit to a DIY store. In 2010, Kömpf took the first steps to further their reputation in digital markets as well. Since then, the system has become outdated, monolithic and stagnant. Magento's database was too small for the number of products available, the code quality was outdated, and performance issues arose with increasing traffic.

Our old system was getting stuck, and we couldn't progress any further. We made the decision to work with Spryker to provide great customer experiences with a high level of code quality.

Lars Malach Technical Lead - KÖMPF Onlineshops GmbH
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Creating Unique Digital Selling Propositions In-House

Kömpf wanted a fresh reboot and to regain the flexibility and technology ownership that had been lost in the old system through re-platforming. The challenge was to establish a system that would allow Kömpf to create its own USPs against the competition, without turning it into a "monolith". In other words, they needed a new commerce system that could be implemented quickly and then be further developed according to Kömpf's specific requirements. Due to this focus on fast, effortless customizability and code quality, Kömpf decided to choose Spryker as a strong basis for sustainable growth.

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28 Shops Continuously Winning Awards for Their Experience

Kömpf wanted to continue on two tracks: a large, central DIY store,, and 27 niche stores for better customer-centricity. All these online stores now run on Spryker and can be controlled via a central unit. In addition, the web design was refined for an intuitive customer journey and the service overlay was also digitally implemented. Offline, for instance, Kömpf offers its customers various options for delivery and assembly assistance with 20 of its own assembly teams. In addition to many other service features such as chat, this can now also be booked online. The route is clear: Kömpf wants to win prizes with its digital service offering and online store design.

In 2021, we can look back and say that we made the right decision to work with Spryker. Without Spryker, we would not have been able to meet the demanding expectations of our customers.

— Lars Malach, Technical Lead at KÖMPF Onlineshops GmbH

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150% Increase in Sales in Two Years and an Exclusive Partnership

Kömpf had ambitious goals when re-platforming with Spryker and has so far been able to exceed them in all areas. The product portfolio has more than doubled since the relaunch and now includes 300,000 items. And most importantly, Kömpf is able to convince customers with its digital offering and create real USPs. For example, Kömpf is a major retailer of spare parts for the well-known Weber Grills brand. Its offer beats that of other market players by a long shot. And Kömpf was able to implement this particular offer itself in less than a week. This success is also reflected in the numbers, as in 2020 and 2021, Kömpf saw a combined sales growth of 150 percent compared to 2019. During the lockdown, sales in some product areas even tripled.




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Thanks to AWS, Spryker was able to fulfill the customer's needs, when they needed it to make it a success. The composability on AWS is crucial to deliver the highest level of flexibility for customer requests. It allows the customer to select the best-of-breed components they need, which will work seamlessly and reliably straight away, thanks to Spryker being a truly composable platform and the high levels of service AWS has. Due to AWS, the onboarding takes from as little as 4 hours to 1-2 days, compared to months previously. With the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS solution, built on AWS, Spryker can scale computational and storage resources to accommodate the customer's goals.

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