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More Than Just PHP

Spryker’s tech stack allows businesses to create highly customized, secure, and scalable eCommerce solutions that can be quickly adapted to the ever-changing needs of the digital commerce.

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Spryker's Tech Stack

The Spryker Tech Stack is built on the PHP Symfony Framework and leverages many popular tools, such as Redis, RabbitMQ, MariaDB and Elasticsearch.

In addition Spryker also includes a range of APIs and SDKs for developers to easily integrate their stores with third-party services, such as payment and shipping providers.

A selection of our Tech Stack:

Our Concept of Application Separation

Spryker is a Commerce Operating System, that is composed of several applications, such as Storefront, Back Office and APIs . Having two separate application layers benefits your business through:

  • Performance

    With a decoupled front- and backend the entire platform is running faster due to separated data storage. The frontend uses a blazing fast key-value storage while the backend uses a relational database.

  • Scalability

    Spryker applications can be easily scaled by simply just adding more instances with more storages without affecting the backend application and logic, since the frontend has its own applications, storages, and deployments

  • Security

    Accessing the backend relational database becomes a harder challenge for cyber attacks as it is also usually hidden behind a firewall.

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