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How Service Companies can Transform With Digital Commerce Technology

The service industry is ultimately led by those it serves – its customers, whose expectations are evolving rapidly. From tailored and personalized experiences, to greater autonomy and choice, service businesses must transform with digital commerce solutions or risk losing customers to tech-forward competitors.

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Understanding the Future of Commerce for the Service Industry

Digital commerce is changing the face of the service industry, from the way hospitality leverages augmented reality and personalization, to how energy companies utilize dynamic pricing.

Find out how these commerce technologies are helping services to stay competitive, and how they might apply to your business.

Understanding the future of the service industry and commerce technology

We serve a variety of Service Industries


Digital Commerce in Travel & Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry has been transformed by the advancements in commerce technology. In the last decade, customers have come to expect personalized experiences, and businesses have responded by offering customer portals and other digital services. Looking to the future, digital commerce technologies such as augmented reality will continue to play a key role in determining which businesses stay competitive and thrive in this dynamic industry.

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Digital Commerce in Finance & Insurance

Commerce technology and fintech have changed the face of the finance and insurance industry. Banking basics, such as paying bills, setting up direct debits, and viewing bank balances, are now digitized. The role of commerce technology has also enabled financial services to offer a whole host of new products and services. From personalization to automation, there are many ways that digital commerce is shifting the future of the finance industry.

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Digital Commerce in Telecommunications

Technological advancements have increased the use of telecommunications in everyday life, particularly through pandemic restrictions, where these became the primary method of communication. As the variety of touch points used for communication increases, so does the need to provide flexible, convenient commerce options, preferably accessible via each device.

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Contemporary Challenges For the Service Industry

To remain relevant service companies must address the challenges of segmenting customers, allocating resources, and integrating products and services. Additionally, they must keep up with technological advancements and embrace new digital tools to improve customer experiences and streamline operations.

Diverse Product and Service Portfolio

A growing number of products or services in their portfolio can be challenging when it comes to addressing the needs of diverse customers and effectively managing that portfolio .

Cost and Vendor

To maintain profitability and offer competitive prices to their customers companies need to effectively manage all their vendors and keep their costs low.


The industry is witness rapid technological advancements, which are disrupting traditional business models and changing the way people book and use services.

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Digital Self Service

Solve the issue of fragmented buyer experience with a B2B customer portal that enables a smooth after-sale process.

Digital Self-Service is a portal that manages the after-sale process by consolidating all information and services related to the customer. It supports the full customer lifecycle by providing complete visibility into the business relationship.

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Cost Efficiency Through Order Process Automation

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Complimentary products demo
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Marketplace Extension: External Complementary Products and Services

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