With a digital-first approach, the platform featuring various branded shops for fashion, bags, backpacks, and accessories, has grown into an international brand. Applying this train of thought to their processes, FOND OF has been able to capitalize on quick implementation from the very beginning. This way, the company can stay close to the varying needs of the customers.



FOND OF by the numbers

€ revenue in 2017

Launching Spryker

How has the company implemented its re-launch with Spryker Commerce OS?

FOND OF foresaw the end of their previous shop platform, as the product Magento 1 will be completely discontinued, and a conversion to Magento 2 would be identical to a re-launch. For these two reasons, the Cologne-based company opted for the Spryker Commerce OS instead.
To maintain the high-speed implementation which the company applies to all of their projects, FOND OF was able to realize their re-launch in about 100 days.
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From Small to Large

Technology ownership

Outsourcing helps in some places but can have drastic effects if you suddenly lose access to the source code. It was crucial for FOND OF to secure in-house know-how in order to be able to judge individually what the next steps will be. Internally and externally, you can control your own destiny if you know where you’re actually headed.

Similar to the approach of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), FOND OF kicked off their system switch with one brand. Only after establishing that brand did they roll out all seven brands one at a time on to the Spryker Commerce OS.

No other shop system offers the same level of performance and scalability. Spryker clearly stands out in this respect. Our development team was excited by the product from the very first moment.

Till Hess Head of Digital Product & Tech FOND OF

Migration Goals

FOND OF knows how important high-performance service is.

Instead of creating new shops for each of their B2C brands, the company can easily duplicate the back-end logic and desired features, then make adjustments to the individual customer experience as required by each individual brand. This approach saves time and ensures consistent standards across all platforms.

FOND OF’s B2B division will be run on a B2B-specific version of the Spryker Commerce OS, and offers a partner portal for the different vendors. Although the requirements for both channels are different, they link to the same product catalog. The link makes it possible to use the same data while adapting it to the user’s requirements.

For the partner portal, dealer-specific prices, products, and access rights are important. For the end consumer, it is crucial to provide equal experience across all channels and allow them to go through a smooth sales process as quickly as possible.


Escaping the interface management jungle

Standard software always covers a certain standard, just like the name implies. This standard cannot always meet interface requirements. Most interfaces require a connection that offers the perfect balance between individual adaptation and uniform data harmonization. Whether ERP, the CMS system Contentful, or the PIM Akeneo, all interfaces from third-party systems have been linked to the Spryker Commerce OS. The linear data transfers ensure all systems communicate with each other without any problems and large amounts of data can be processed intelligently and efficiently.

What’s the outcome?
On the performance side, FOND OF benefits from a much faster page loading time, which exceeds the previous Magento 1 solution by a factor of 3-4, and has received positive comments from customers.

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