Lighting Retailer Leaves its Competitors in the Dark

SLV Relies on Comprehensive Digitization

In 1979, just 100 years after the invention of the market-ready light bulb, SLV’s portfolio of Sound, Light, and Video was pretty revolutionary. Though the lighting expert also experienced setbacks, that is until it took the first steps towards digitization in 2016. The printed ‘lighting bible’, which was an established sales trick on the market 15 years ago and warmed every electrician’s heart, didn’t have the ability to reach everyone in the digital age, but SLV rethought things and added a new dimension to its service concept: the digital sales channel.


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The Mission

Digitization as a Competitive Advantage

Across Europe, sales in the lamps and lighting segment will amount to around 54 billion euros in 2019, but the development in Germany is slightly reversed. By 2023, the German market is forecast to a record negative growth of -0.4 %. Marketplaces like Amazon not only hold potential as a sales channel but also pose a great danger because of their power, demanding that manufacturers and dealers have to innovate today in order to assert themselves in the future.

For SLV it was clear that in contrast to its first commerce software, its new technical solution needed to be based on individualizationlow maintenance costs and technology ownership.

The goal is to enable the company to differentiate from the competition and to have absolute customer-centricity and long-term low total Cost of Ownership.

“Our claim is to be able to understand and influence everything technically. Technology ownership enables us to flexibly connect monthly product launches and new services, such as the planned returns portal. We were especially impressed by Spryker’s B2B feature set and the modular system architecture, which together enable flexible development and a strong focus on B2B customers.”

Gunther Hahn Head of SLV Digital
Gunther Hahn SLV

Migration Goals

The 4 Goals in Upgrading to Spryker

Light is a highly emotional topic. Some like it bright and fully illuminated, but there are also occasions where a little mood-lighting can make things comfortable – think the lighting at a supermarket vs. a fine-dining restaurant.

Replatforming to the Spryker Commerce OS B2B Suite allows SLV to fully focus on four digital goals.

Goal #1

The customer experience surrounding the right choice of lighting should become more prominent. Technical light vs. emotional light, controllable or static: All these aspects can easily be selected by SLV customers via an optimized Shop UX.


Goal #2

An important component here is the service around the product. SLV aims for best-in-class service that offers maximum convenience in the user journey through additional features. The Spryker GLUE API also helps to integrate relevant systems for the continuous expansion of SLV’s service offering.

Goal #3

Increased digital store performance should increase customer satisfaction and reduce the bounce rate. Spryker’s modularity combined with the separation of front- and back-end means developers operate in a lean system. The modular architecture allows them to use only the features they want – so the system carries less dead weight and functions well over the long term.

Another plus is the complete system does not need to be maintained, only the modules or features that are actually used. This drastically reduces costs and keeps the total cost of ownership low.

Goal #4

A higher retention rate, i.e. customer loyalty, should be achieved with a focus on the main target groups. Whether the customer is a small B2B customer, architect or wholesaler, the user journey and relevant product recommendations are significantly different and should be served by a correspondingly different product and consultation offering.

“After the initial setup stage, the Spryker LINK Middleware and the Spryker GLUE API are running very stable. Not a single error has occurred since the go-live. The double-digit man-days we used for maintenance in our previous shop system can now be better used in development.”

Gunther Hahn Head of SLV Digital

Launching Spryker

Implementation with Spryker

The lighting expert creates innovation through software and based on a digitally-oriented corporate structure. The digital team now includes 15 people who helped the project achieve a technical implementation phase of around four months.

The scope of the company is complex. SLV sells more than 7,000 products online with a total of 500 different attributes, which require a detailed product logic and extensive hierarchy among the products.

The lighting expert also serves 15 shops in 11 markets with different national languages. All the shops are brought together through the Spryker multi-store functionality.

The Spryker Platinum Partner best it has confirmed the MVP approach with Spryker. The digital B2B platform for SLV could be rolled out in a record time of 4 months. The focus of the developments was above all the connection to the surrounding systems such as SAP and Akeneo. best it once again demonstrated its understanding of highly complex B2B processes and its ability to realize a comprehensive user experience.

– Christoph Batik, CSO best it

Interface Management

Implementation made easy

Thanks to the solid back-end of the headless Spryker Commerce OS, all shop front-ends as well as external systems, such as Akeneos PIM or SAP PO for orders, can be combined in one system. The B2B Suite equips SLV with the specific B2B features the company needs for personalized customer management.

“We also use our commerce software as an employer branding measure. Developers today prefer to use a modern software approach instead of the classic monolithic systems.”

Gunther Hahn Head of SLV Digital

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