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Digitas Pixelpark Becomes Spryker Platinum Partner

July 3rd, 2020
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COLOGNE, JULY 2020: The step to become a Platinum Partner means Digitas Pixelpark adds another important component to the planning and implementation of e-commerce projects with Spryker. Digitas Pixelpark now offers access to a pool of developers trained and qualified by Spryker enabling greater support to its customers with more innovation-driven and scalable solutions in the development and implementation of specific requirements and use cases with a shorter launch time.  

Spryker is an e-commerce platform that enables the implementation of online transaction processes across all industries. The spectrum ranges from conventional shops, marketplaces, and omni-channel processes to sensor-based ordering and purchasing processes considered as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), e.g. smart shelving systems that independently reorder goods according to their consumption. The Spryker Cloud Commerce OS is API-based making it truly headless, and users benefit from the separation of front- and back-end meaning each can be developed separately and customer interfaces of any kind can be quickly connected across the entire purchasing process. 

“Impact in e-commerce always occurs when new business models can be brought to market quickly and easily,” said Paul-Sven Voigt, Senior Client Partner E-Commerce at Digitas Pixelpark. “But this, nowadays, is not sufficient anymore today. Modern technologies must support transformation projects without losing digital ownership and be modular, dynamic, and data-based so that they can be adapted to market requirements. Spryker is convincing with its agile approach. This partnership gives us another opportunity to offer our customers individual, tailor-made, and demand-oriented solutions, and this also for mobile, voice skills, and IoT.”

Edmund Frey, EVP Global Sales at Spryker adds, “Digitas Pixelpark is already providing consulting services to many of our target customers and has a lot of experience in customer segments relevant to us. Moreover, Digitas Pixelpark has a strong focus on customer experience which adds an asset to our partner portfolio. Three good reasons for a brilliant start!”

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