Faster time-to-market digital commerce success

Spryker customers share their formulas for success with MVPs

Shortest possible time-to-market, continuous adaptation to real market conditions

Speed, agility and adaptability are decisive success factors in the fast-moving nature of modern markets. That is why Spryker has always been committed to a fully modular architecture and the MVP approach in order to implement our customers’ digital commerce projects both quickly and with long-term success.

  • Realize digitalization as quickly as possible
  • Focus on agility and real added value for users
  • Save costs, avoid bad investments
  • Customer-centric further development of the product based on user feedback


Take a look at some of the many successful MVP projects of Spryker customers!

Case Study #1

From greenfield to mobile platform through an MVP

The beverage retailer Durst is creating a platform with its own supply chain from which retailers and customers can benefit:

  • How does the MVP approach work on a greenfield?
  • What concrete goals have been set?
  • How quickly did the go-live happen?


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Durst Company Product Image

Case Study #2

New sales channel in only 4 months

The lighting retailer SLV digitizes an entire business model in a very short time using the MVP approach:

  • How was a go-live realized in under four months?
  • Based on which KPIs was the project planned?
  • Which positive results were achieved?


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SLV Lighting

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The Spryker Commerce OS is 100% modular, API-based and headless, making it ideal for an MVP.

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