The Sexiest Oryx Alive

Meet Oskar!


Chief Miscevous Officer…rebel with a cause…sexiest Oryx alive…but we just call him Oskar.

He’s one of Spryker’s more famous (and flattering) figures, responsible for holding all Sprykees accountable to never losing what we call our ‘Spryker Magic.’ That magic we speak of is that start-up, entrepreneurial spirit that has made Spryker one of the fastest-growing commerce tech companies in the world. In just six years, we’ve made the Gartner Magic Quadrant, grown exponentially year-over-year in client amount and size, and have fun doing it. Oskar is our voice, our champion, and cheerleader in what can seem at times like an overcomplicated industry due to the always-changing challenges to fit tomorrow’s customer today.

Herd {hərd}
  1. a congregation of gregarious wild animals
  2. a group of people usually having a common bond


A herd is not a flock.

A flock is a group that is kept together for the purposes of survival; round and squished in tight, but upon closer inspection, you realize they are just full of fluff and are resistant to individualism. A herd, on the other hand, is a group of people who are working together toward a common goal. They are individuals by nature, and make the herd better by bringing their own unique talent, skills and perspectives. A herd is meant to challenge the status quo to make everyone and everything around them better.

I Spy With my Sprykee Eye…an Oskar!

Oskar has already made himself a home here at Spryker HQ. He’s addicted to the spotlight and loves sharing the Spryker love!

Spryker by the Numbers
  • Founded in 2014
  • Helped over 150 clients
  • 7 Offices
  • 300+ Team Size
  • 70+ Technology Partners
  • 50+ Channel Partners
  • Over 100% year-over-year growth…


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