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NFQ Technologies

Business partner that defines business success.

Founded in 2002, NFQ Technologies is an international digital innovation company.

We implement projects for software engineering and product development, business digitalization, BI and data science, and also provide UX, UI, CRO and consulting services, for travel, omnichannel retail, transport, logistics and sharing economy businesses across the globe.

We have successfully built high-competence software engineering teams to work on the core of Kayak and drive technology for the world’s leading vacation rental marketplace HomeToGo. We also provide sophisticated solutions for the transport and logistics industry, from logistics process automation to door-to-door parcel delivery.


Digital Strategy & Business Innovation

The experience of our team lets us offer a concept for business digitalization and innovation to enable companies of any scale or size to focus on strategic thinking and start to run at digital speed.

Software Engineering & Product Development

We help companies identify gaps and business opportunities to provide value-creating solutions. We ensure iterative product delivery with constant measurement. That way you can stay focused on creating value throughout the whole software engineering cycle.

Dedicated Teams & Resources on Demand

Our main strength is building highly productive technology teams and supporting business owners with engineering resources on demand.

CRO & Experience Design

We believe that experience design is not just about design capability. It’s a strategic mindset that combines creative vision with customer, context and brand objectives, a deep understanding of technologies and business processes, and data-driven insights.

BI & Data Science

The speed and accuracy of decisions is always important. But when the volumes are high, data-driven automation provides an absolutely crucial competitive edge.

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Industry & Service Focus
  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Digital Strategy
  • Software engineering
  • CRO
  • Experience design
  • Consulting
  • Contemporary retail
  • Omnichannel retail
  • Digital transformation
  • Project Implementation
  • Interface Development
  • Migration
  • Third-Party System Integrations
  • Multi-Channel/ Omni-Channel
  • UX / UI Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data science
  • DevOps and cloud services
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