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Smart Commerce SE

Smart Commerce ensures the long-term success for all customers

Smart Commerce is THE right specialist for full-service eCommerce solutions

In addition to full-scope analysis, consultation, conception, implementation and subsequent support of all processes associated with the operation of the online business, topics such as hosting, web analysis, SEA, SEO and online marketing are among the core competencies of Smart Commerce.

Successful implementation of customer requirements through SeCI (Smart eCommerce Implementation)

The methodology was developed by Smart Commerce SE and is a combination of different approaches and experiences from a wide variety eCommerce projects. SeCI uses Scrum and agile frameworks as a basis.

Core competencies of Smart Commerce:

Strategy, analysis and conception

  • eCommerce strategy & business consulting
  • requirements engineering, specifications
  • technology, platform selection
  • system and software architecture
  • implementation planning
  • touchpoint conception


Design und UX

  • Image / Brand¬†
  • Storytelling¬†


Software Development

  • Mobile Apps
  • Spryker
  • other leading e-commerce platforms
  • integrations and cloud services


Online Marketing

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media & Communities
  • SEA und SEO
  • Mobile / eMail Marketing
  • Personalized marketing



  • infrastructure (onPremise / Hosting)
  • business applications



Why Smart Commerce and Spryker?

The methodology practiced with SeCI is ideally reflected in the structure of the Spryker Commerce OS. MVP approaches and Spryker’s modular headless architecture enable the greatest possible flexibility in implementing customer requirements and providing a wide variety of touchpoints.

Our methodology and the Spryker Commerce OS guarantee full concentration on business relevant KPIs like time to market and return on invest.

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Industry and Service Focus
  • B2B & B2C
  • eCommerce Strategy & Business Consulting
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Technology and Platform Selection
  • Migration
  • UX/UI Design
  • Interface Development & 3rd Party Software Integration
  • System-Integration and Cloud Services
  • Omni-Channel Touchpoints
  • SEA und SEO
  • DevOps Operations (onPremise / Cloud)
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