Spryker Community

Welcome to Spryker’s Community, a place for Spryker’s customers, partner agencies, industry partners and everyone interested in Spryker Commerce OS.

While this community is mainly aimed at developers to discuss Spryker Commerce OS and exchange questions and ideas, anyone else interested in Spryker is of course welcome as well. This community Slack space is not an official support channel of Spryker. If you need official technical support from Spryker itself, please visit our official help center at support.spryker.com and contact Spryker’s Support Team.

The term “Spryker Community” refers to any place on our official help center support.spryker.com, including all forum topics, threads and comments on knowledgebase articles. Please read through these guidelines before posting and commenting on our community as we are expecting all users to be familiar with them.

Community Code of Conduct Expected Behavior

  • Help others by being respectful and friendly
  • Help others by providing constructive answers and feedback
  • Help others by providing sufficient detail (including screenshots and links if needed)

Encouraged Behavior

Most Spryker employees will use their real names and avatars for their accounts, as we want to show you, who is behind the different teams here at Spryker. For the sake of transparency and building a community of professionals, we would like to invite and encourage you to

  • State your real, full name
  • Use an actual photo as avatar
  • State the company/project you are working for (if you are at liberty to do so)

At the same time we of course also fully respect your privacy, so you are equally welcome to the Spryker community, even if you choose to not share any personal information.

Unacceptable Behavior

  • Do not post or link to offense, inappropriate content
  • Do not post or link to malicious software
  • Do not post or link to illegal activities
  • Do not post or link to confidential information of Spryker
  • Do not instigate or participate in hate speech or discrimination of any kind
  • Do not spam

Additional Information

Spryker’s Support Team reserves the right to modify and/or delete any content, which is not in line with the above mentioned Code of Conduct. To report behavior or content that violates or is inconsistent with this Code of Conduct, please contact us at [email protected].