14 Jun - 14 Jun 2022

Ask Me Anything with VP of Product Elena Leonova and CCO Chris Rauch


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Get answers to your most burning questions before everyone else

Join us for an interactive ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with Spryker C-Level Chris Rauch and Elena Leonova to get answers to your most pressing questions.

Finally, you can get all the nitty-gritty details you can think of around our customer’s success, Spryker capabilities, ROI and TTM, and much more you want to know before finally starting your digital commerce transformation.

We encourage you to ask your questions before the event starts. This way, we can make a full use of the time with our experts and make sure that you will get your answers during our Live AMA session. You can submit your questions through the registration form.

Event details


Tuesday, June 14th


3-4 pm CET

Why you should attend:

In this exclusive session, you’ll be able to spend some time with two of our C-Level experts and get insights that are usually reserved for our projects like:

Realtalk about our actual Go-to-Market Time

Why limited IT resources don’t have to mean less success

How we really deal with unorthodox use cases

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Ask Me Anything with Chris Rauch &Elena Leonova

Elena Leonova

Global VP of Product

Elena is Sprykers global VP of Product. Considered “an unequalled female leader in e-commerce technology,” Elena brings to the role more than 10 years’ extensive industry and global experience at the cutting edge of e-commerce: at Magento, the world’s leading open-source e-commerce platform, and at BigCommerce, the open SaaS commerce platform, where she was VP of Product Management. In her role she ensures that every product decision directly helps customers and partners succeed with tangible impact for their business.

Chris Rauch

Chief Customer Officer

Chris’s passion for enabling customers to achieve their goals stems from 30+ years of international experience in a variety of customer success, training, and performance improvement roles. Prior to joining Spryker, Chris held senior leadership positions at Salesforce, Sage, Fairsail, and PwC.



  • This session will cover:
    • In a nutshell: Spryker lighthouse projects
      • Chris Rauch, Chief Customer Officer
    • How PBCs enable customers to go beyond standardized use cases
      • Elena Leonova, Global VP of Product
    • Live Ask me Anything session
      • Elena Leonova, Global VP of Product
      • Chris Rauch, Chief Customer Officer