05 May - 08 May 2024/ Chicago, United States

Auto Care Connect

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A bustling street in downtown Chicago features the iconic Chicago Theatre marquee sign, lit up in red and white. Surrounding buildings rise high with a mix of historic and modern architecture. The street is busy with cars, trucks, and pedestrians during daylight.

Come join us at the Auto Care industry’s largest learning experience

As an Auto Care Association member Spryker will join Auto Care Connect, May 5-8 in Chicago, where leaders and diverse segments of the auto care world come together to ignite innovation, foster collaboration, and accelerate the industry’s growth.

On this three-day experience we’ll join the leaders of the industry for education, networking, business solutions and industry shaping opportunities. Drop by our booth to learn more about Spryker’s Automotive solutions and how Composable Commerce can help you leverage the digital advantage in Aftersales to accelerate top- and bottomline growth!

Mark your calendars and set your reminders for an unmissable event!

Date & Time

May 5-8, 2024


Hyatt Regency, Chicago


Booth #401

Meet us at our booth

Let’s talk why the composable approach is relevant to drive growth in Automotive

It’s becoming evident to industry leaders and stakeholders that prioritizing innovative technological solutions is imperative for companies aiming to thrive in today’s challenging landscape. Satisfying customer needs in Automotive Aftersales has grown increasingly complex. Embracing a composable approach can help automotive companies drive growth, reduce costs and delight customers to maintain competitiveness:

  • Learn how your company can reduce cost and improve the overall time to market given the ability to test and deploy changes quickly.
  • Discover new ways to create clean, customizable shopping experiences for an intuitive, seamless process within the customer journey
  • Explore the benefits of maximum flexibility to help you navigate the rapid pace of the Automotive industry.


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Industry resources

Spryker’s Automotive Digital Commerce Solutions

The Automotive Playbook: A Survival Guide for the Future of the Industry

The Automotive industry is evolving at lightning speed, with more changes in the past three years than in the past three decades. Players must rethink their strategies entirely to survive. The Automotive Playbook reveals how companies can leverage key trends and digital commerce technology to ensure their business thrives in this rapidly evolving market

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Digital Advantage in After-Sales

Grow revenue, optimize costs, and delight customers

Three people sit around a white table, working on laptops and taking notes. The ground features colorful geometric lines, and a backpack is placed on an adjacent table. This workspace is perfect for B2B online meetings between European manufacturers and distributors.
Accelerating Growth

How Automotive Companies Thrive with Marketplace Business Models

A person is giving a presentation to a seated audience using a large monitor displaying various images and information, reminiscent of CES 2024. The room has large windows and several tables with items on them.

Driving Tomorrow: Navigating the Digital Landscape of Automotive Commerce - Trends, Strategies, and Winning Business Models in 2024