15 Jan - 17 Jan 2023

NRF 2023 Retail’s Big Show – Recordings

New York, United States

New York

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Sink or Swim:

How Poolwerx is Reimagining their Digital Commerce Future with Spryker
A fireside chat with Andrew Gerasimov, VP Customer Success & Expert Consulting, and Shannon O’Brien, Global Chief Innovation Officer of Poolwerx, where they’ll discuss how Poolwerx is digitally transforming its rapidly growing sophisticated franchise business with a fully composable platform and beyond.

Learn how Spryker is enabling a leading global pool service and retail provider to:

  • Sell products and new digital services online beyond commerce
  • Enable sophisticated commerce to support in-store clienteling
  • Establish a unique use-case for Enterprise Marketplaces with franchisees
  • Develop a holistic approach to composable commerce

To find out more on how Spryker can help you differentiate, transform and scale your sophisticated digital commerce business contact us today:

A black background with seven green outlined diamond shapes of varying sizes positioned diagonally, subtly evoking the precision and interconnectedness crucial in B2B eCommerce.


Learn more about Spryker Digital Commerce

Bold and New – Spryker EXCITE 2022

Successful e-commerce in 2022 is about so much more than just selling online, as market demands are rapidly shifting, and new technologies are changing the game. Gain insights from industry veterans, learn about exciting new and future e-commerce projects, and feel inspired by our amazing line-up at Spryker EXCITE 2022.

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A speaker presents onstage to an audience in a large, dark auditorium at an eTail event. The screen behind displays a presentation titled "Why Composable Commerce with Spryker.
A group of six people are sitting around a table in an office, engaged in a meeting. Laptops, notebooks, and a chart on an easel for the ShoppingTomorrow project are visible. Some are taking notes, while one person holds a tablet displaying Spryker's latest updates.

Emerce e-commerce live - June 1 (Amsterdam)

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A large conference room with a stage displaying "ShopTalk Europe" on a large screen. Blue spotlights illuminate the stage while attendees sit and stand, engaging in conversations about Changing Gears 2022.

Shoptalks Europe - June 6-8 (London)

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Two men and a woman engage in conversation at an indoor event. The woman smiles while one man gestures as he speaks, and the other man stands behind them talking, holding a drink with an NRF badge clipped to his lapel.

K5 Conference - June 29-30 (Berlin)

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