12 May - 12 May 2021

Spryker OnAir – The Onlineshop is Dead


The Onlineshop is dead – long live e-commerce

In this episode Spryker Co-CEO Alexander Graf interviews an international guest Bob Burke (Venture Partner at TCV). They will share insights on the role of e-commerce companies in the US, how important B2B commerce is, what former RfP’s look like and more over, what Bob has learned during the AGT time.

About TCV

TCV partners with CEOs and founders of public and private growth-stage technology companies as they strive to achieve market leadership. They provide management teams with data-driven insights, sector expertise, access to world-class talent, and connections with category leaders. They take a long-term perspective, committing substantial capital, time and internal resources to support and partner with their companies on their journeys.