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A professional guide to optimizing your D2C business

Modern strategies for B2B manufacturers to future-proof their direct-to-consumer approach

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A professional guide to optimizing your D2C business

This whitepaper will demonstrate how to expand your manufacturing D2C business by leveraging the benefits of e-commerce. It also provides essential strategies for B2B manufacturers to remain competitive in an increasingly connected online world. Covering (among other things):

  • How to expand your D2C business concept by identifying your USP
  • Capitalizing on add-ons to expand and develop your D2C business concept
  • Challenges of implementing D2C e-commerce and how to overcome them
  • Optimization checklist for your D2C approach
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The starting line of your manufacturing D2C business

D2C is currently one of the best ways for innovative manufacturing e-commerce companies to interact and build stronger customer relationships. This exciting model has positively transformed the way businesses interact with their customers, and the right D2C strategy can put your business on the fast track to growth and success. Competitive, B2B manufacturers are already improving their approach, focusing on customer experience and joining the D2C race.

D2C sales by digitally native brands in the United States exceeded $27 billion in 2020. Projections affirm that this figure will rise to nearly 44.7 billion by 2023. – Statista 2021

Getting started with your D2C journey for the first time might seem like a marathon, so you need to pace yourself—moving too fast will result in burnout, while going uphill requires energy, patience, and passion. This whitepaper will show you the best way to win the D2C race by taking one step at a time. Yara Molthan is the business model expert behind the following D2C approach which will ensure your business crosses the finish line in first place.