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We decided to interview Andrej on the evolution of the e-commerce market and share his valuable insights
in this handout.

Read about his exclusive perspective on the following important topics:

How did e-commerce look in the beginning?

The huge shift in the software market

How did smartphones change the market?

What does headless mean and why is it important?

What’s the next big thing in e-commerce?

How to build the e-commerce solution you want

My advice: aim for the stars, start with the moon

What’s special about Spryker Cloud Commerce OS?

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Everyone concerned with Amazon as competitor

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How did e-commerce look in the beginning?

I think that the history of e-commerce is a fascinating topic, and I’ve seen so many facets change in the last couple of decades. When I started back in the e-com space over 24 years ago, we were just at the beginning of packaged e-commerce solutions, and almost all business was done via fax – if you can believe it!

So, to make a really long story short, we are now actively driving a modular approach - what’s called ‘Composable Commerce’ - as the next big step.

Andrej Maihorn, Vice President US GTM & Industry Solutions at Spryker

What’s the next big thing in e-commerce?

I’ve already mentioned the shortcomings of full-stack solutions in the context of headless. When we look at market requirements and technology developments nowadays, it’s easy to see that headless is not the final answer. There’s a necessity to adopt certain functions and individual requirements or to replace components with external, more flexible and powerful offerings – and then bring these cohesively to the front.

About Andrej Maihorn
Andrej Maihorn has been in the e-commerce industry for almost 25 years, with experience spanning multiple business models and geographies including North America, Europe, and APAC. He’s a recognized B2B luminary, a digital product strategist, and Spryker’s Vice President US Go-to-Market & Industry Solutions.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that he’s witnessed first-hand the world of digital commerce develop and transform into the massive industry that it is today.

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