Why Your Business Needs To Go Headless - Now!

What are the key benefits of adopting a headless approach and what impact will headless commerce have on B2B or B2C companies? This guide will answer your pressing questions about how headless commerce can help businesses scale. 

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Guide Overview

Although the astounding rise of e-commerce was propelled by the pandemic, many business leaders believe that the sustenance of this growth will primarily be dependent on technological advancements such as increased digital penetration, improved connectivity (5G), and optimization of new channels. This is where the idea of headless commerce comes into play.


A comprehensive explanation of the term "Headless"

What the current state of Headless commerce is

How businesses such as HILTI or METRO used Headless for their advantage

Sprykers approach to help YOU to Go Headless

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Business Executives

D2C and B2C Companies


B2B Businesses building a digital presence

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The Traditional E-commerce Model

If you’ve ever set up an online store for your business, then you’re probably very familiar with the traditional e-commerce model. As simple as traditional e-commerce platforms appear to be at first, they often pose challenges further down the line when customers begin to demand more store features and functionalities.

"We use the Spryker solution as a front-end tool and connect it to our back-end systems via our APIs. The motivation was to amplify our technology to scale faster and provide our customers with this diversified range of functions.”

Timo Salzsieder, CIO/CSO at METRO AG and CEO at METRO NOM
The Impact of Headless Commerce

In today’s business environment, agile methodologies or processes are required in order to scale. Customers are constantly changing and businesses need to evolve with them. Headless Commerce makes it possible to not only adopt new technologies such as IoT devices; it also allows for the integration of new systems.



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