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Global rivalry and emerging new competitors have made B2B pricing a critical success factor. What was formerly negotiated in detail in one-on-one meetings must now be made available in seconds in order not to lose customers. Technologies make it possible for different customer profiles to receive a tailored price and a personalized user experience.

In this handout you will learn:

The impact and complexity of digital B2B pricing

How technology can help you develop a customized pricing strategy

Spryker’s capabilities to ease digital B2B pricing

Real life examples from Spryker customers reaching new heights with dedicated pricing capabilities

Take-aways for mastering B2B pricing

Who should read this handout:

Business Executives


Businesses building a digital presence


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The impact and complexity of digital B2B pricing

Your prices can be influenced by many things, such as the cost of a product, order volume, currencies, logistics and customs, material prices, customer loyalty, relevance of the customer to your portfolio, competitive pressure, inventory and more. Market researches already have proven that a sophisticated pricing strategy is way more than a necessity.

Tax-Modalities and Net & Gross Pricing

Globalization offers you a lot of great opportunities to enter new markets. However, you have to be aligned with local specifications such as taxes and net and gross pricing. Combining Spryker Commerce Cloud OS with your CRM and ERP will grant you the flexibility to welcome any customer in your shop while offering the accurate price.

The Status Quo of B2B Pricing
A curated study by PWC stated that 40% of the companies adjust their prices at least on a weekly basis and 20% are already using automation and system integrations to offer individual pricing in real-time.

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