MVP as a Solution in Rapidly Changing Markets

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Invest 15 minutes to gain a clear and concise insight into the most important aspects of the MVP approach. Implement your projects faster and in a more cost-effective way, learn how to avoid common mistakes, and learn how to do process implementation.

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01 MVP is more than a buzzword

Lean startup, trial-and-error, MVP… anyone working in digital business knows the abundance of buzzwords. By spring 2020 at the latest, when the world is upside down, every decision-maker in commerce should really understand the concept of the MVP.

As comprehensive as necessary, as simple as possible

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the functional first version of a product. It’s important as an MVP can help collect user feedback, test demand, and usability before you invest more in the development of the product or idea. If the data demands, abandon items like features or step in a customer journey to concentrate on new, more promising ideas. This is particularly true in the case of digital products and services, such as online shops, content portals, marketplaces or mobile apps.

Every MVP must accomplish two conflicting goals: The product should be as simple as possible so that it can be developed quickly. It also must be mature enough so the customer can use it. Only then does an MVP generate added value for the future product.

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