3 Key Strategies to Deal With Complex Pricing in B2B E-Commerce

Key Strategies for complex pricing in B2B

Why You Need to Read this Handout

Trying to understand the logic behind it can sometimes feel like attempting to see through a brick wall. Or at least, it’s been that way in the past. Digitization is forcing B2B companies to adopt a more B2C-oriented way of thinking, and yes, that includes a streamlined digital pricing strategy. In this handout you will discover:

  • The importance and the challenges of B2B pricing

  • The key dimensions behind B2B pricing

  • What strategies can help you succeed and deliver growth through pricing

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Handout Overview

Here’s the conflict: pricing in B2B is extremely complex. It’s not just a matter of aligning offline and online channels (more on that later), but the fact that there are so many intricate variables involved, from changing daily costs of resources like metal to shipping costs. So, what strategies are vital for successful digital pricing in B2B?

In this handout you will learn:

Pricing in B2B

Common Ground & Challenges with B2B Pricing

The Question of Dynamic Pricing

3 Key Strategies to Master Complex Pricing in B2B

How to Align, Evolve & Succeed with Digital Pricing in B2B

Who should read this handout:

B2B Business Executives

CFOs that want to optimize their pricing models

CIOs interested in leveraging technology to solve pricing challenges

CEOs who want to stay ahead of the competition

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Technology for Successful Digital Pricing

Like with any form of digitization in business, technology is your friend, not your enemy. While your digital pricing requirements might be complex, the technology you implement to solve these challenges should make the lives of your pricing team easier, not tortuous.

To get started, B2B commerce companies digitizing pricing should first be aware of the myriad capabilities available, all of which help address the first key challenge. The first important dimension is customer-specific price lists based on contractual agreements – this means that two different customers can log into your e-commerce system but see only their specifically agreed-upon prices.

Processes & Organization in Digital B2B Pricing

Like most robots, digital pricing still requires a human being to tell it what to do. One important example that requires human intervention is customer groups, i.e. manually defining and assigning each customer or criteria to a particular group. This needs to be regularly updated and overseen by a designated person or team.

A curated study by PWC stated that 40% of the companies adjust their prices at least on a weekly basis and 20% are already using automation and system integrations to offer individual pricing in real-time.

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