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This Is How Your Project With Spryker Could Look like

A project management preview of outline, team roles, and timelines to understand how Spryker organizes e-commerce projects with customers.

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Get a preview of your project with Spryker

Managing big scale projects effectively is a challenge for all organizations. Coordinating scope, resources and timings in a changing environment is no easy task. And there are many opinions, methods, and philosophies on how best to set up projects to successfully solve these challenges.

We at Spryker have a wealth of experience when it comes to these commerce projects. In this document, we want to share this transparently to give you a picture of how you can envision your project with Spryker. We compiled insights on how to successfully manage projects in general, and outline specific sprint iterations and routines, team composition and roles, and give a sense of a possible schedule.

What you'll learn about Spryker projects in this Guide

Project management principles and methods Spryker uses

Roles and responsibilities involved, from Spryker and from the customers

Outline of projects, concrete phases and steps

Timeline, meeting schedules and routines

This Guide is for

Project managers, project teams, steering committees, resource managers, PMO

Digital commerce professionals

Anyone wondering how the implementation of Spryker looks like

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