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Arvato SCM Solutions does not offer just the regular supply chain management. Rather, our focus is on consumer-oriented industries, wherein we are providing tailor-made, sustainable and innovative solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients to facilitate growth and transformation.

By using advanced technologies, we turn omnichannel, digital and hybrid business models into reality. Relevant aspects with a particularly high priority are global availability, visibility of the supply chain, automation and digitization of processes. We are developing strategies that are based on extensive industry know-how and IT expertise constantly taking advantage of economies of scale across industries.

Your Advantages

  • Experience in manage highly complex processes
  • Understanding our clients’ needs
  • Innovative solutions and technologies
  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • Worldwide high-performance network

Latest Activities



Report: Internationalizing Your Brand in 2017

Which European markets are of particular interest to leading US brands? What distinguishes these countries? Our study “Internationalization Report 2017” from Arvato takes a look at these questions. According to the report, US companies want to increase their presence in Germany, Benelux, France and Italy in particular via subsidiaries and online. Brands are increasingly prioritizing omnichannel services.


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White Paper: Globe X – A guide to expanding into Europe

The process of expanding a company’s footprint internationally poses multiple questions. How do you get started? What are the right questions to ask? What needs to be considered?


The new study “GlobeX – A guide to expanding into Europe” from Arvato SCM Solutions in cooperation with SVG Partners, discusses the challenges in detail when launching abroad. The paper is a resource for best practices in taking the next step to expand into European markets.

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Report: Is Omni everything? Customers are in every channel, where is retail?

This study investigates the advantages and disadvantages of omnichannel retailing. Is omnichannel retailing really paying off for retailers? This omnichannel report takes a look at these questions and examines the dimensions that retailers need to take into consideration. While dealing with the question of what really drives retailers to engage in omnichannel retailing, the study also observes the most prominent challenges that retailers are facing on their way towards a smooth orchestration of distribution channels. The report presents market insights from retailers to the fashion and consumer goods industry and provides valuable advice to retailers who are looking to enhance their customers’ brand and shopping experience.


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White Paper: Industry 4.0 and the rise of the digital supply chain

Read and find out…
… how digitalization effects the classic supply chain, how you can take advantage of this change, and the progression of this industry’s developments.
1. Discover the advantages of the digital supply chain
2. Find out which measures companies need to take to stay competitive
3. Tips for the digitalization
4. Learn more about the supply chain of the future

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