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Pixup Media GmbH

Pixup Media is a long-standing e-commerce agency based in the heart of Berlin. Specialized in Spryker’s Enterprise E-Commerce System, all kinds of e-commerce projects can be implemented, no matter how fast and extensive they are needed. Pixup Media is set up in consulting, shop design, frontend and backend development. Since the end of 2016, the Pixup Media team has had its own Machine Learning Unit, which develops special applications based on artificial intelligence for e-commerce projects. This development has resulted, for example, in an extremely flexible Recommendation Engine or a Natural Language Processing Engine for speech understanding for chatbots. Thanks to these new technologies, the understanding of classic e-commerce projects goes far beyond a normal frontend. Pixup Media offers smart AI based solutions across the entire customer journey.


  • Every classic shop frontend as Progressive Web App (PWA) based on Vue.js
  • Own Machine Learning Unit
  • Highly flexible AI Recommendation Engine
  • Specially developed Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine for chat and voicebots

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