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Platform as a service

With a total of 11 successfully completed Spryker projects – including the very first one ever – Turbine Kreuzberg is the most experienced Spryker agency. 70 of our 100 specialists are developers and 21 of them have been officially certified by the Spryker Academy. We maintain 6 development teams especially for Spryker projects. And they are always ready to get to work.

The dream team: Spryker and Turbine Kreuzberg

We develop Spryker projects from the ground up. Or from existing foundations, if our clients are ready to replace their current commerce system. Whether we’re developing B2B or B2C platforms: As a framework, Spryker makes everything possible that our clients care about most. It is modular, open for customized development and frontend-agnostic. With this, we can develop platforms or marketplaces for entire industries.

Our six Spryker teams have worked on projects in a wide range of fields and of varying scopes, from developing MVPs in two months to taking on 18-month projects with continuous development cycles. And we can even send entire teams to work on-site at our clients’ offices – integrate client teams into our spaces. What we like most? Working with complex B2B workflows, integrating into branched IT system landscapes, managing product catalogs with hundreds of millions of articles or handling the transition from on-premises deployment to cloud architectures from AWS. So far we have always delivered.

Your advantages

  • 11 B2B and B2C projects
  • 6 experienced Spryker teams
  • 100 specialists in software development, DevOps, e-commerce strategy, design, and process optimization
  • Wide range of industry experience: Electronics, construction machinery, fastening technology, connection technology, food & beverage, fashion, art trade, plastics, chemicals, medicine and more
  • Dedicated formalized Spryker Knowledge Transfer to build up Spryker expertise on the client side
  • Project language in English and German
  • Four locations: Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Faro

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550 Millionen durchsuchbare Artikel, 220 Distributoren, tausende Neukunden – das ist die bisherige Erfolgsgeschichte von Sourceability, und zwar nur drei Jahre nach Markteintritt. 2015 ist das US-Unternehmen angetreten, um den Handel mit elektronischen Bauteilen neu zu definieren. Das Spielfeld: ein 400-Milliarden-Dollar-Markt, der von Tradition, manuellen Prozessen und lokal orientierten Lieferketten bestimmt wird. Wir begleiten die digitale Transformation von Sourceability – und beschleunigen den Beschaffungsprozess einer ganzen Branche von Tagen oder gar Wochen auf Minuten.


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