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Turbine Kreuzberg GmbH

Future as a service.

Turbine Kreuzberg develops forward-looking product platforms, marketplaces and custom e-commerce applications. We help companies and corporate startups to successfully exploit the opportunities offered by the digital transformation – with strategy, technology and design. As of September 2018, we have already implemented eight projects with Spryker. That makes us one of the most experienced Spryker agencies.

The dream team: Spryker and Turbine Kreuzberg

Whether we’re developing B2C or B2B stores, Spryker enables us to build the things we care about. Short innovation cycles. Marketplaces. Procurement platforms. And online applications with transaction logic. We develop Spryker projects from the ground up. Or from the existing foundations, if our clients are already using an upgradeable e-commerce system.

Our four Spryker teams have already worked on projects of varying scopes in a wide range of industries, from developing MVPs in two months to taking on 18-month projects with successive development cycles. There’s no such thing as too new, too big or too complex for us. From B2B workflows and integrations into branching IT system landscapes, to product catalogs with hundreds of millions of items and transitions from on-premises deployment to AWS cloud architecture – we’ve done it all.

Collaboration is our priority

We combine our expertise with that of our clients and partners in our project rooms in Berlin and Stuttgart. Why? So that we can implement projects more efficiently. What’s more, we’d be happy to help you build your own Spryker team as well.

Your advantages

  • Spryker expertise: 8 B2C and B2B projects
  • 4 experienced Spryker teams
  • 90 specialists in software development, DevOps, e-commerce strategy, design, and process optimization
  • Wide range of industry experience: fashion, electronic components, art trade, plastics, chemicals, medicine and more
  • Knowledge transfer to build Spryker expertise on the client side
  • Four locations: Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Faro

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