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In 2019 we became part of the Customer Bureau, a venture platform focused on helping the world’s most iconic brands become customer centric. Incubated within the Bureau, we have grown quickly to more than 50 professionals across 3 campuses, and delivered projects across the UK, Europe and the USA.

We help consumer brands become more successful in a rapidly changing market. In today’s connected world, advances in technology are resulting in the creation of new business models, products and services – and these changes are set to continue at an ever-increasing pace. If an organization wants to be successful in this brave new world, it needs to be faster, more focused and more flexible than ever before, and getting in shape for this challenge is not easy. The most common answer to this is to rely on technology itself as the solution – with a huge range of new products and services in the market promising to deliver “transformation”. However, although technology is the main cause of this accelerating disruption in the market, it is not the answer on its own. This means that technology-led transformation programs tend to be very expensive, very long and far less effective than they first appear.

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