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Welcome to the New Spryker Safari!

Introducing Spryker Safari, the all new learning platform by Spryker exclusively for our Partners. Buckle up for an exciting learning journey through the Spryker wilderness!

Join an exclusive group of explorers on the Spryker Safari journey. Keep reading to get more details about this offer.

Join Safari

Spryker Safari is the cool new way to learn!

Your success is important to us, and we are a firm believers that education can help to empower you as part of the Spryker Herd.

We have designed a platform so that you can have an amazing value-added learning experience, win some rewards and we invite you to try it out!

  • Learn your way

    We support you in your learning journey by using varied formats and methods—interactive courses, live sessions with trainers, video materials, and more—to keep the knowledge flowing.

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    Gamify your way

    Collect the points, earn badges and compete on the leaderboard throughout your learning journey. Soon you'll be able to exchange the rewards into the merch or charity donations.

  • Choose your way

    Pick the relevant materials to your role and up-skill in the area you work with Spryker. We recommend starting with the introduction catalog to set up cooperation with Spryker. After that dive into the role-specific catalogs and explore learning paths.

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Courses and Learning Paths

Learn Spryker skills to jumpstart your career

Partner Introduction

Help your customers implement the best Spryker system for their needs. Learn how to work with Spryker towards our common goals.

Developer Courses

Learn about being a developer in the Spryker Environment. Become successful with the systems you implement for your company.

Sales Enablement

Pitch the best pitch to your potential customers. Get to know all the benefits and advantages Spryker has to offer.

Solution Architecture

Learn more about the Solution Architect role on Spryker projects, architecture approaches, and best practices.

Product Knowledge

Take the first steps to get an overview knowledge of Spryker products and features.

Solution Consultancy

Learn the basics of Spryker and discover our demo shops.

Learn and play!

Each course completed, certificate passed, and badge earned will get you more knowledge and know-how. We want to recognize your achievements and highlight you on our Leaderboards. See if you can climb to the top.


Complete courses and collect different number of points displayed on the leaderboard.


Earn a badge for each completed learning plan.


The more courses you complete, the higher you are ranked in the contest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this for?

    This unique learning experience is open exclusively to Spryker partners and their teams.

  • What is this about?

    After few successful rounds of testing for our new Safari learning platform, we’re inviting you to join our open exploration. We have new courses, new catalogs, and a brand new user experience.

  • How and when can I join?

    Simply fill in the Google form on this page and follow the steps. If you are completely new to Spryker Safari, your account will have to be validated by our Admin. Once, it has been validated, you can log in and start exploring.

  • How long will it take?

    The testing will last for two weeks. The exploration of the features and functionalities of the platform will take around an hour, but you can stay on the platform and refer to it at any moment of need.

  • What do I need to do?

    Once you are in the platform, you will find courses dedicated to different directions: Backend Development, Sales, Solution Architect, Partner Introduction, Product Knowledge and Solution Consultant.

    Choose the relevant discipline for you, complete the courses and enjoy the learning experience.

  • How do I give feedback?

    Your feedback is important to us. You will find a few short questions after completion of each Learning Plan by which you can leave your feedback about the content and experience.

    At the end of the testing, please provide us your overall feedback about the platform through the feedback form that can be found on your dashboard.

  • What if I encounter any blockers or have questions?

    Have questions or comments while learning? Send it to [email protected]

  • How do I know what is worth points or badges?

    Click on any Catalog and choose any Learning plan. The Safari maps there will show you visually how much each training is worth and what rewards are available.

    You will also receive a notification on your mail which specifies the badge and the number of points associated with the Learning Plan upon completion.

  • Where can I check my progress and position?

    Navigate to My Dashboard—you’ll see the overview of all your rewards in the bottom right hand corner.

  • How can use my collected rewards?

    We’ll soon release all the details on how you can use your learning achievements to make an impact in the real world! You’ll be able to use your Spryker points to get Spryker merch or make a donation to an organization of your choice.

Learning with Spryker Safari

Start your Spryker Safari Journey Today!

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