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CDS Visual is a leader in SaaS-based platforms for the manufacturing industry.

Partable is our Aftermarket Part Search Add-On for Leading eCommerce Platforms which is an add-on for leading eCommerce platforms that delivers an advanced cloud-based aftermarket spare part search to streamline the search and selection process for ordering aftermarket parts for industrial machines. The solution delivers a high performance interactive visual search that enables users to view their order history, select their product’s unique serial number, view their respective BOM (bill of materials), quickly identify, select, and add parts to their cart. Partable enhances the eCommerce platform spare part identification and selection process with 2D exploded drawings with hotspots and interactive 3D models. This functionality allows users to explode, rotate, and zoom products in 3D. Built specifically for non-technical users who need to quickly select and identify the right replacement part.

Partable is integrated directly into the eCommerce platforms via a headless architecture that enables customers to use its capabilities to meet their specific CX requirements.

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