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Fluent Commerce is a global software company focused on distributed order management for commerce. Both B2C and B2B organizations utilize the microservices, API-first and cloud native architecture to meet their unique business needs. Fluent Commerce’s highly flexible and configurable distributed order management platform transforms fulfillment complexity into a competitive advantage for its customers. Fluent Commerce is built for businesses that want to scale with confidence in their technology. Fluent Order Management provides accurate and near real-time inventory availability across multiple locations. Reducing the costs and solving the pain of overselling and underselling. Fluent Order Management powers businesses with order orchestration, fulfillment optimization, fulfillment location management, in-store pick and pack, customer service, and reporting. This enables retailers, brands, and B2B organizations to fulfill orders profitably while delivering the best customer experience possible. Fluent Commerce works with organizations such as JD Sports, L’Oréal, Prada Group, Ted Baker, Aldo, LVMH and Dulux. For more information visit fluentcommerce.com

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