Spryker & AWS Solutions for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is evolving faster than ever before, requiring companies to innovate and adapt at an equally rapid pace. Through their strategic partnership, Spryker and AWS enable manufacturing companies to stay at the forefront of this dynamic sector. AWS, the world's leading cloud services provider, has empowered Spryker to meet the unique demands of the manufacturing industry with agility and efficiency unlocking a world of possibilities for manufacturing companies.


Built with differentiation in mind.

The partnership between Spryker and AWS helps companies implement innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the manufacutring industry. Through composability, rapid onboarding, scalability, and a headless architecture, manufacturing companies can harness the power of technology to stay ahead in a competitive market and respond effectively to the demands of a quickly changing industry. 


Composability is one of the cornerstones of the Spryker x AWS partnership. Leveraging AWS's robust cloud infrastructure, Spryker enables a composable commerce approach, allowing manufacturing businesses to pick and choose the best-of-breed components that fit their unique requirements best. These components seamlessly integrate into existing systems, thereby helping companies to speed up time to market and adapt to the changing demands of the manufacturing market fast.


Thanks to AWS, the onboarding process has been streamlined dramatically. What used to take months can now be accomplished in as little as 4 hours to 1-2 days, not only saving time but also accelerating time-to-market, a critical advantage in the manufacturing sector where innovation can make or break a company. Furthermore, Spryker's Cloud Commerce OS solution, powered by AWS, offers opportunities to scale efficiently. Manufacturing companies can effortlessly scale their computational and storage resources to align with their goals, whether it's handling increased web traffic during promotions or managing complex supply chain operations efficiently.


In addition to its composability and scalability, Spryker, with AWS, offers a headless architecture. By utilizing AWS services such as Lambda, Glue, S3, EC2, Aurora, and more, Spryker empowers manufacturing companies to extend, update, or modify their systems without disrupting other essential services on the platform. This headless approach enables seamless innovation, ensuring that manufacturing companies can continuously adapt and thrive in this fast-paced industry.


    STAUFF emerged as a trailblazer in the manufacturing sector by pioneering digital touchpoints for ordering premier hydraulic components. Together with Spryker it surpassed market norms with the development of a scalable e-commerce platform that prioritizes a state-of-the-art experience for its B2B clientele.

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  • Jungheinrich

    In partnership with Spryker, Jungheinrich achieved a successful replatforming, launching 41 tailored storefronts in 40 countries through one unified admin interface. This scalable solution establishes a versatile online store system for spare parts related to a wide range of logistics items, shaping the foundation for Jungheinrich’s future e-business commerce models.

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Thanks to AWS, Spryker was able to fulfill the customer’s needs, when they needed it to make it a success. The composability on AWS is crucial to deliver the highest level of flexibility for customer requests. It allows the customer to select the best-of-breed components they need, which will work seamlessly and reliably straight away, thanks to Spryker being a truly composable platform and the high levels of service AWS has. Due to AWS, the onboarding takes from as little as 4 hours to 1-2 days, compared to months previously. With the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS solution, built on AWS, Spryker can scale computational and storage resources to accommodate the customer’s goals.

In addition to the headless solution, Sprykers customers require a product, which can be extended, updated, or modified without affecting other services on the platform. Spryker leverages AWS services such as Lambda in combination with Glue, S3, EC2, Aurora and others to deliver a headless and composable architecture.

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