Click&Collect with the Spryker B2C Suite

Overview of all features and use cases

Unique features with the Spryker B2C Suite

Spryker Cloud Commerce OS has built numerous unique features for click&collect as well as delivery shopping – delivering a mobile responsive online-shop and a mobile app that offers click & collect and delivery capabilities to its customers. Additionally existing functionalities have been extended to fit required use cases. Our features are designed around the way stores operate with multiple regions and branches which can differ in product offerings, stock levels or prices.

Walkthrough Video

Click&Collect & Delivery for any physical stores

  • Demo of entire customer journey from region selection to collecting the order
  • All functionalities from shopping lists to payment
  • Back-end details like store specific prices, product data and stock
Spryker B2C Suite with focus on click&collect

Feature Catalog

Click&Collect – Delivery for Groceries, DIY, Pharmacies, etc.

  • Overview of all click&collect related Spryker features
  • In-depth explanations of all features from Multi-Store to ERP Export
  • Application examples



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The Spryker Commerce OS is 100% modular, API-based and headless, making it ideal to offer quick solutions for adding click&collect features to your business as well.

Let’s talk about your current challenges today so that you can launch your click&collect MVP in a few weeks already.