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AfterPay – the pay-after-delivery solution that puts your brand first

AfterPay gives you back control of your customer relationship and takes it to the next level. It provides your customers with all the payment flexibility they want while you stay in charge of and extend the branded checkout experience. And it sharpens your competitive edge by sharing their purchasing data with you, so you know who your best customers are and how to retarget them.

Arvato Financial Solutions – convenience in every transaction

AfterPay is the pay-after-delivery solution from Arvato Financial Solutions, a global financial services provider that is part of Bertelsmann as a subsidiary of Arvato.

Arvato Financial Solutions sees itself as a driver for digitization of all financial processes worldwide. Around 10,000 employees in 22 countries offer flexible full-service solutions for efficient management of customer relationships and cash flows.

With its innovative e-commerce solutions, Arvato Financial Solutions optimizes each and every step of the check-out process of your online shop. From risk & fraud management through the payment process to debt collection, Arvato Financial Solutions helps you to increase your conversion rate and provide your customers with a positive shopping experience.

Make your brand stand out

  • Unique hero images in every invoice strengthen your brand and campaign messaging.
  • Add product images that remind your customers of the great deal they got and the joy it gives them.
  • The entire payment process becomes a way of extending your brand, both in the MyAfterPay portal and emails.
  • Customers have a complete overview of their entire purchase history at their fingertips, with all the information they need.
  • Knowing what you have bought and from whom makes paying easier and reduces the need to call customer service.
  • The ability to control when and how to pay lets customers balance payments with their finances.
  • Google Analytics integration allowing you to use insights into payment behaviour in your digital marketing & sales analysis.
  • Segment and retarget your best customers based on their payment behaviour.
  • Easy access to refund data lets you segment customers after net sales together with their payment behaviour.

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