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epoq internet services GmbH

Exciting shopping experiences through holistic personalization

epoq internet services GmbH provides its customers with a unique software suite for the holistic personalization of digital commerce. With modular, bespoke services based on artificial intelligence, epoq creates unique shopping experiences along the entire customer journey in digital commerce as well as through a personalized shopping area, which is played dynamically and individually for each online shopper. Online shoppers receive orientation, advice and inspiration when shopping online. Once purchased, they will be kept up to date with personalized emails, keeping them in touch with the online store. In addition, they are provided in their personal shopping area with relevant shopping news in real time, which prompt them to daily visit to the online shop.

Your Advantages

  • Personalization along the digital customer journey
  • Personalization of a shopping area for each individual customer
  • Intelligent search for a lower bounce rate
  • Guided Selling for the reduction of returns
  • Recommendation Engine for increasing the shopping cart value
  • Personalized e-mail for more traffic in the online shop
  • Building a knowledge base with intelligent algorithms
  • Technology based on artificial intelligence

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