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The CMS that connects content and commerce

Magnolia CMS is a platform for building best-of-breed digital experiences. Enterprises such as Migros, Tesco, Rossmann and REWE use it as a central hub for their web, mobile and DX initiatives. Magnolia is a privately-held company, founded in 1997 and with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

Your Advantages

  • Easy integration: Connect Magnolia to your choice of e-commerce and digital marketing tools using custom or pre-built integrations.
  • Ease of use: Magnolia's focus on usability and simplicity means content authors can start creating mobile-ready, powerful content within minutes.
  • Enterprise grade: Magnolia has the robust features needed for enterprise-scale multi-everything digital experiences.
  • Flexible: Robust integration capabilities let you enjoy the benefits of headless while still building on your existing solutions.
  • Engaging personalization: Magnolia’s personalization tools build on the easy-to-use authoring tools, making personalizing content as easy as creating it.
  • Powerful: Combine features to produce campaigns driven by date and visitor demographics.

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