Developer Contributions

Spryker accepts pull requests and contributions in relation to a range of Spryker products, capabilities, integrations, and tooling!

Developers in the Spryker community can submit and receive rapid acknowledgment and recognition for code and documentation submissions.

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Two Types of Contribution

Whether you're interested in enhancing core products or exploring experimental use cases, there's a way for you to make your mark!

Spryker currently recognizes two contribution types; Platform Contributions and Innovation Lab.

  • Platform Contributions

    Platform Contributions are ecosystem-led contributions to be built into and enhance Spryker’s core product. These include bug fixes, core improvements, and documentation updates across Spryker's product portfolio. All Platform Contributions can be submitted as pull requests towards the dedicated GitHub repositories related to the Spryker GitHub organizations.

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  • Innovation Lab

    Innovation Lab contributions are ecosystem-led open-source contributions, demonstrating innovative but often experimental use cases. These are built for use with, but not maintained by, Spryker. These include hackathon projects, tools, and customer & partner innovation ideas. These can be utilized in any part of the Spryker platform, including the products listed above.

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Contribution Updates

  • Spryker is reenergizing its pull request and contributions process!

    April 2024

    Spryker is reenergizing its pull request and contributions process for fast acknowledgment of contributed code or documentation updates. Starting today, we’re excited to kickstart a new era of collaborative development with the wider Spryker community!

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