Spryker Product Release
Fall 2023

2023’s most important KPI? Efficiency!
To help businesses meet this critical objective, Spryker’s Fall product release includes a wide range of efficiency-boosting products and solutions.

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Our Release Overview

Introducing Spryker’s highly anticipated Fall Release—an update with innovative launches and improvements to elevate your business efficiency to new heights.

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Spryker Middleware and
Akeneo PIM Integration App

Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio makes it easier to connect software and systems, serving as a critical solution for increasing business efficiency. As a low-code or no-code integration system extensive coding skills are not needed to gain business value.

Our Akeneo PIM Integration App simplifies your product information management. It provides a ready-to-use and highly flexible integration with the popular Akeneo PIM system so you can seamlessly manage your product information across all channels.

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New Apps: Vertex and Algolia

Algolia Search offers developers a straightforward and strong API for creating the essential features in their company's applications. It simplifies the use of API building blocks, making it easier to enhance user experiences and achieve business goals.

Keeping track of tax rules and rates can require a lot of resources. Spryker offers a comprehensive sales tax automation solution, including tax validation and compliance features through Vertex. Let Vertex take care of the tax management with a seamless user-friendly use solution that meets the needs across Tax, IT and Finance teams.

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Unified Commerce:
Fulfilment App and Click&Collect

Spryker's Fulfilment App, created using Spryker's Oryx Framework, is a critical element of Spryker's Unified Commerce capability. Streamline order fulfilment thanks to the App's intuitive interface, improving the productivity of warehouse and store staff. Innovative new features, such as a picking list system and smart warehouse allocation strategies, make fulfilling orders faster and more efficient.

Enhanced Click & Collect allows customers to choose between home delivery or collect orders from a specified location. New features include a Service Point concept at physical locations, offering multiple customer services such as returns, demos, or alterations, depending on your business needs.

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Oryx Framework

Thanks to its robust component library, Spryker's Oryx Framework enables developers to easily and efficiently build composable frontends. Speeding up the creation of modern, attractive user interfaces, these components effortlessly integrate with Spryker's APIs offering a smooth experience for both developers and customers.

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All our new features and improvements of the Spryker Product Release November 2023

Log/Metric Forwarding to Dynatrace

Customers can connect their Dynatrace account to a stream of logs and data about their environment to monitor its health.

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Spryker Code Upgrader users receive security releases out of order, ensuring the timely application of critical security fixes.

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Upgradability Evaluator Improvements

Improvements to enhance the security monitoring and upgrade process.

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Autointegration of code releases

Integration of Plugins, set configurations keys, new translations and similar to your project code.

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Improved Performance, Stability, and Scalability of ACP

Simplified and revamped message bus for easier ACP enablement with SCCOS, providing higher performance and improved security

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Composable Storefront - Additional Foundation Features

New features for Spryker's decoupled front-end solution, providing essential components for common purchase journeys.

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Product Release Fall 2023

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Spryker Middleware powered by Alumio

Check out the latest information about how our Spryker Middleware works and what it can do for you!

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Tax Automation Solution

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Search Engine

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PIM Integration App

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