Spryker Product Release
Spring 2024

Efficiency remains paramount to our latest product release for Spring 2024! Spryker is now introducing a new range of amazing features and improvements designed to streamline operations and drive efficiency for businesses striving to achieve peak performance.

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New App: Payments with Stripe

Global payments made simple with the connection with the Stripe services through the Stripe App, the newest addition to the Spryker App catalog. Stripe is revolutionizing global transactions with ease thanks to its robust security measures and adherence to regulatory standards, which ensure smooth B2B and B2C payments worldwide.

Easily connect your Stripe services on the App Composition Platform and experience accelerated time-to-market through low-code integration, empowering businesses to swiftly adapt and thrive. Diversify payment methods and expand your reach effortlessly, supporting over 135 currencies and local payment options.

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Enterprise Marketplace:
Agent Assist and Merchant Relations

Agent Assist in Merchant Portal streamlines merchant support by allowing marketplace operators to seamlessly step into the shoes of merchants. This unique feature empowers support staff to provide comprehensive assistance within the Merchant Portal, ensuring excellence in merchant care and delivering a full-fledged support experience.

Enhanced Merchant B2B Contracts & Contract Requests simplify the initiation and management of merchant relations, facilitating seamless customer-merchant contracts in B2B marketplaces. By automating this process, it enhances user satisfaction with a streamlined journey and boosts operational efficiency for both merchants and marketplace operators.

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Managed Security Operations Center

Offering cost-effective and comprehensive platform protection, the Managed Security Operations Center (MSOC) provides continuous monitoring, detection, and response to cybersecurity threats within your Spryker environment.

This specialized service combines Artificial Intelligence, advanced security technologies, and skilled security experts to deliver extensive help with cloud security and peace of mind.

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All our new features and improvements of the Spryker Product Release Spring 2024

Vertex App
UX Improvements

Store owners and Marketplace Operators can now effortlessly manage refunds and ensure accurate tax reporting.

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Merchant Portal:
UX Improvements

Spryker Code Upgrader users receive security releases out of order, ensuring the timely application of critical security fixes.

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Spryker Code Upgrader:
UX Improvements

The layout of Pull Requests created by Spryker Code Upgrader has been restructured and improved.

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Data Exchange
API Improvements

Our improved dynamic Data Exchange API infrastructure simplifies the API creation, making the experience seamless for our customers.

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Spryker Framework Improvements

Spryker customers benefit from various enhancements that collectively enhance the efficiency, stability, and security of your code, ensuring a smoother user experience.

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Improved Search in Spryker Documentation

The Spryker Docs portal has been enhanced with new Algolia-based search functionality, like crawler-based indexing or search as you type, allowing for better performance and relevance.

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Improve System Efficiency to Achieve Operational Excellence Faster
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