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This newly introduced infrastructure provides a set of API endpoints to support Spryker clients in building or expanding their e-commerce solutions.

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Benefits of Glue API

Integrate and personalize front-end APPs like IoT, mobile Apps, Bots or web page stores effortlessly. Spryker’s module selection is constantly growing to help optimize your customer reach.

  • Start the development of your own shop through Spryker’s existing API functionality
  • Build a custom frontend (e.g. React front-end) using Glue
  • Select from a range of functionalities with minimum dependencies

Accessing Glue API

With Glue, you have full access to backend features which help to streamline management processes like price, order and catalog management. Keep up with your current and future customers easily without the one-size fits all approach.

  • Rebuild any back-office functionality to fit your individual needs
  • Kickstart the integration process of third-party systems like ERP, PIM, and CMS

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