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Why Do B2B Companies Make the Same Three E-Commerce Mistakes?

Did you know that B2B e-commerce companies are making the same three mistakes over and over again? Find out if you’re making them too in this fun, informative debate by industry veterans Brian Beck and Andy Hoar, as they discuss the pros and cons of different approaches in talent sourcing, processes, and technology in the B2B space.

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Brian is a 20+ year industry practitioner and the author of Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce: Seize the Opportunity. Andy is the CEO of Paradigm B2B, and wrote Forrester’s B2B eCommerce playbook while working as a Principal Analyst.

They are joined by the following industry experts – and try to guess which one compared B2B e-commerce to a dating app:

  • Katherine Bahamonde Monasebian, President and GM North America Commerce at Stanley Black & Decker
  • Paul Stubitsch, CIO of IBT
  • Apryl Erickson, Vice President, Commercial Excellence at HID Global
  • Tim Fabian Besser, Managing Director at deineBAUSTOFFE
  • Alexander Graf, Co-CEO Spryker