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It All Started with… a Crazy Idea

Funded by two bright young minds in 2020 in Austria, VIABIRDS had the vision of revolutionizing online retail. The idea originated from a discussion about the 10.000 people stuck in traffic on a single day along the very busy highway A10 crossing the Langau region. With the test project called, Viabirds developed an e-commerce system that allowed commuters to order locally-produced products online and pick them up at drive-in stations. The goal was to improve the drivers’ frustrating experience and to use traffic jams as a sales channel for local producers.

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Convenient eGrocery Shopping for Everyone

Today, VIABIRDS is a company that develops specialized technology solutions for eGrocery, as well as offering its expertise in digital marketing, software development, and food operations. Grown up to be a technology provider specifically targeting the eGrocery market, Viabirds is setting the ground for powerful and smooth e-commerce systems that make functions like pick-up or delivery as smooth and convenient as possible, while integrating hardware for autonomous retail.

We are a B2B player that is operating its own showcase to quickly learn, fail, adapt, and show what we’re capable of.

Alexander Planitzer Co-CEO - VIABIRDS Technologies
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A Market Always on the Move

Focused on eGrocery marketplaces, VIABIRDS faced some challenges along the road. Giving the local merchants the possibility to sell their products to another target segment like commuters was definitely an innovation. However, it is also essential to give these same merchants, who often are not digitally native, a great user experience with a system easy to interact with. Moreover, eGrocery is a fast-growing market that requires companies to be agile and quick to adapt to shifting trends.

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Composability and the Ability to Adapt

As Alexander said during his talk at EXCITE 2022, “the ability to quickly adapt to requirements is the greatest value of Spryker”. Since 2021, VIABIRDS has chosen Spryker as the technology foundation for their framework. In fact, eGrocery is an ever-evolving market that is growing exponentially, and the key ability is to be able to adapt to unexpected changes. With the composability of the Spryker software, requirements and functionalities can be easily and effectively adjusted without major disruptions.

It’s important to have a future goal and ask yourself: What can I do today to have a small MVP of this very far away vision?

— Alexander Planitzer

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Supporting Successful eGrocery Marketplaces

Based on the technology foundation of Spryker, VIABIRDS is now a technology supplier for efficient operator solutions for eGrocery and retail, helping other companies to implement scalable and specific eGrocery applications. Its platform enables the holistic mapping of processes from the purchase of goods to the autonomous pick-up store. With simple, smaller applications as well as for extensive enterprise projects.

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Toyota built a B2B2C platform for its dealers with Spryker. The CVP, Corona Viable Product, has a record-breaking time-to-market of only 3 weeks.

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Globus is a German family business that was founded over 190 years ago. Today, Globus operates a total of 47 hypermarkets in the food retail sector in Germany.

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Atida is an online health ecosystem whose primary goal is to help customers find personalized healthcare solutions. They aim to move healthcare away from being solely curative and reactive and toward being proactive.

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