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How can Retailers Adapt to the Current Situation?

Spryker for Retailers

Digital Commerce in the Retail Industry

Digital commerce in retail gained a new momentum with the advance of technology and a corresponding shift in customer expectations. During the height of the Corona Pandemic, 42% of the population in the US bought their groceries online several times a week. And yet the market share of e-commerce was only at 10%, still leaving an enormous growth potential. In 2021, the worldwide e-retail sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion and NASDAQ predicts that by 2040, 95% of all the worldwide commerce will be done online. Digital commerce is the new normal in retail, and in the midst of trends like voice commerce and click & collect, companies must now find ways to quickly adapt to ever-changing markets and create a shopping experience that delights their customers today and in the future.

Time to market:


  • Quickly react to market changes & customer demands
  • Easily expand to new technologies and markets


Total Cost of Ownership:


  • Easy integrations with third party software
  • Lean systems require less infrastructure


Return on Investment:


  • Fast testing and impementing of new features
  • Short development times mean faster revenue generation

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