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Spryker has experience and tailored solutions for a variety of industries, and is recognized by customers for serving complex and individual business needs efficiently.

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Spryker for Manufacturing

Digital Commerce in the Manufacturing Industry

For manufacturers, especially in the B2B environment, digital commerce means more than simply providing an online store. It also stands for the development of a clear business model, reorganization of traditional sales channels and the establishment of new operational capabilities to meet modern customer expectations.

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Spryker for Wholesalers

Digital Commerce in the Wholesale Industry

Around the world, wholesale distribution supply networks are shifting towards e-commerce technologies that allow companies to make better use of existing resources while developing sustainable strategies for future success.

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Spryker for Retailers

Digital Commerce in the Retail Industry

Digital commerce in retail gained a new momentum with the advance of technology and a corresponding shift in customer expectations. Digital commerce is the new normal in retail, and in the midst of trends like voice commerce and click & collect, companies must now find ways to quickly adapt to ever-changing markets and create a shopping experience that delights their customers today and in the future.

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Spryker for Food and Beverage

Digital Commerce in the Food and Beverages Industry

Groceries seem to be the last thing that people still largely buy offline today. But even though the shift happens slower than in other retail segments, the digital transformation is inevitably progressing for food and beverages as well. So far, the role of digital channels for groceries has often been restricted to price research, and Amazon held large shares of the overall small number of digital grocery purchases.

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