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Securing supply chain independence with a Sourcing Platform

Supply chains currently face disruption for multiple reasons. Businesses need to stabilize their supplies and manage the cost of materials and components simultaneously.

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The Age of E-Procurement

With technology and digitalization at the forefront, E-procurement has become a profitable reality. This advance has drastically reduced the cost of solutions used to digitize transactions.

E-procurement portfolio solutions address the process complexity all along the procurement lifecycle by making your Purchasing, Finance, and Accounting Department’s life easier, but they do not address the actual supply challenge.

A sourcing platform is just like a marketplace, except that it operates on a closed market: the access is limited to a group of users on one end, and to verified suppliers on the other.

A Sourcing Platform allows organizations to make their sourcing flexible by enabling purchasing from multiple suppliers that can compete on price and delivery times.

Securing supply chain

Challenges in Crisis Addressed by Sourcing Platforms

Supply chains are especially challenged in periods of resource scarcity and crisis.


In times of crisis, the biggest challenge and pain point for Supply Chains is the actual sourcing of products and services.


As a result of all the recent crises, many supply chains became unstable and generated new challenges for a great number of businesses.

Disruption & Shortages

The complexity of crisis and the rising risks of raw material shortage have greatly impacted the supply chain, generating price fluctuations and disruptions on every level.

The Business Outcome of a Securing Supply Chain Independence with a Sourcing Platform

A Sourcing Platform is essentially a closed marketplace, allowing access to a limited group of users and verified suppliers only. Even in periods of crisis, it increases efficiency and secures supply chains by enabling flexible and competitive sourcing. Find out about more benefits and business outcomes below.

  • Securing supply chain


    Improved company-wide convenience through a seamless and simplified purchase process with modern commerce digital capabilities.

  • Securing supply chain

    Unlimited Potential

    Uncover untapped potential by driving new revenue and reducing immobilization of capita: Unused stock from other subsidiaries can be made available for purchase. Costs can be saved by opening the sourcing platform to partners for larger volumes, which allow for greater discounts.

  • Securing supply chain


    Stay in control of all workflows and process applications like ordering, validation workflow, threshold limits and automations.

  • Securing supply chain

    Cost Reduction

    Costs can be reduced with improved negotiation power from a centralized volume purchases and better forecast data on actual needs. Competition between suppliers also leads to better purchasing conditions.

  • Securing supply chain
  • Securing supply chain
  • Securing supply chain
  • Securing supply chain


The Spryker Solution

Spryker Capabilities

  • Quotation and Offer Management
  • Punchout Integration

Success Enabling

Calibration Session:

  • Purchase Journey Analysis
  • Process Digitization Mapping
  • Operating Model Sparring
  • Process Design Workshop

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