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How can Manufacturing Companies Adapt to the Current Situation?

Spryker for Manufacturers

Digital Commerce in the Manufacturing Industry

For manufacturers, especially in the B2B environment, digital commerce means more than simply providing an online store. It also stands for the development of a clear business model, reorganization of traditional sales channels and the establishment of new operational capabilities to meet modern customer expectations. Digital commerce in manufacturing is also a way to reduce the distance between B2B and B2C by offering a choice of products directly to the consumer (D2C). Digital sales channels from manufacturers are increasingly in demand and already account for half of the revenue of all manufacturing companies. And this development is far from over, especially because a digital shopping experience means more convenience, efficiency and cost savings for manufacturers and customers alike.


Time to market:


  • Fast go-live (MVP)
  • Stay ahead of the competition


Time Cost of Ownership:


  • Lean system means lower costs
  • All necessary B2B features (and more!) out of the box


Return on Investment:


  • Fast market entry
  • Easy scalability of the business

Spryker Customers

How can Manufacturing Companies Adapt to the Current Situation?


Increased profits for you, cost optimization for your customer, by stimulating bulk orders with Volume Prices


Simplify purchasing processes of complex products with Configurable Bundles and increase your product portfolio, offline products finally online, guidance through Configurator Page


Easily expand internationally by using the Multi-Store setup


Company Accounts increase customer convenience and ensure optimal B2B procurement


Stay competitive and have control of your content with Content Restrictions/Specific Prices