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Customer Engagement

Better Customer Engagement

90% of B2B buyers want a B2C shopping experience. With Spryker, create clean, customizable shopping experiences for an intuitive, seamless process.

Online Revenue

Better Online Revenue

With scalable solutions and simplified ordering processes, our B2B suite keeps business streamlined and total cost of ownership down. Which keeps your bottom line booming.

Easy Integrations

Easy Integrations

All relevant third-party software is easily accessible all in one spot for smooth, scalable processes.

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Business Models

Utilise New Business Models - in One Platform

Online shops, marketplaces, apps, click & collect, B2B, B2C, subscriptions and more. Define your needed business model and get ahead of emerging trends.


Fast track innovation

Adopt new technologies quickly to always meet the latest customer demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions About B2B Commerce

  • What is B2B commerce?

    B2B commerce refers to business-to-business transactions, where one business sells goods or services to another business rather than directly to consumers.

  • What are the benefits of B2B commerce?

    B2B commerce allows businesses to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency by automating their supply chain and purchasing processes. It also provides greater control and visibility over purchasing decisions and enables businesses to negotiate better prices and terms with their suppliers.

  • How does B2B commerce differ from B2C commerce?

    B2B commerce is focused on meeting the specific needs of businesses, such as bulk orders, customized pricing, and complex procurement processes. B2C commerce, on the other hand, is geared towards individual consumers, with a focus on convenience, personalization, and a seamless shopping experience.

  • What are some key features of a B2B commerce platform?

    A B2B commerce platform should have features that support complex pricing models, customizable catalogs, and streamlined ordering and payment processes. It should also provide tools for managing customer relationships, analyzing sales data, and integrating with other business systems.

  • How can B2B businesses improve their commerce strategy?

    B2B businesses can improve their commerce strategy by focusing on customer experience, leveraging technology to automate processes, and adopting a data-driven approach to decision-making. They should also prioritize building strong relationships with their customers and suppliers to foster long-term partnerships.

B2B Commerce Stories

We accelerate businesses just like yours.

  • "At peak times, we record, on average, 4,000 to 4,800 orders a day. And there’s always surges and spikes – like just before order cutoff time when all of our customers log in at once. And with 8,000 users, as we have in the shop, that can mean a fair amount of traffic. Our shop system must be able to handle this surge in demand."

    Gérard Georges

  • We want to become the Amazon for the component trading industry. Customers have been suffering from a lack of transparency for too long. It’s time to remove borders and sell and purchase components through an e-commerce marketplace.

    Yashar Shahabi

    Senior Vice President Digital Solutions, Sourceability LLC

  • "Throughout our evaluation, Spryker was the one technology fulfilling over 90% of our high-complex use cases from the get-go. And it’s paid off so far!"

    Jochen Hostalka

  • The digital transformation of the sales organization is an essential part of our e-commerce strategy.
    Sprvker's scalable e-commerce platform is the foundation for meeting future business requirements.

    Nikolaus Meixner

  • We wanted to go beyond the market standard, not just offering a polished e-shop. Our goal was to achieve a one-stop shopping experience for our customers and Spryker delivered on our promise.

    Mark Wever

  • Spryker works with what we already own and operate alongside anticipating where Ricoh sees itself in the D2C space for the future.

    Carin O'Doherty

    Director Digital Marketing & Strategy at Ricoh USA

  • To ensure a fast solution that delivers outstanding customer experiences, Hilti decided on Spryker.

    Marc Dassler

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