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Relaunch Hilti with the Spryker Commerce OS

Hilti Drives International Expansion

  • Founded in 1941

  • €4.6bn revenue in 2016

  • Operates in 120 countries

Cases Details

The multi-billion dollar multinational develops, manufactures and and markets products for construction, building maintenance and mining. The product range is mainly targeted at businesses. Hilti operates in 120 countries and runs 39 country-specific online stores.

Innovation as Corporate Essence

Hilti’s philosophy took the business to an innovation-first approach that already started in 1957 when they sold the world’s first powder-actuated tool. Pre-millennial, and as an early adopter of e-commerce, Hilti extended their offline services to online in 1999.

Considering the business’ vast market coverage, moving fast and experimenting with international expansion is key. Entering a market as one of the first providers and establishing the Hilti brand has helped the B2B player become one of the leading brands in construction and mining.

MVP Approach in African Markets

The Spryker Commerce OS has enabled Hilti to drive international expansion in a fast and cost-effective manner, launching new country stores within a matter of days.

Following a minimum viable product approach, for each market Hilti is testing the waters with an individual solution before replicating and scaling successful practices and rejecting less successful initiatives.

Launching country-specific stores that are tailored to the individual requirements in each market, the different Hilti stores have been designed in a very customer-centric way.

Key Features

  • Multi Store

    Offering a tailored solution for different markets

  • Sophisticated CMS

    With different widgets to feature products and other content prominently

  • Filter Customization

    To make targeted product search quick and relevant

Focusing on an innovative, dominant approach to capture more market share in more markets, Hilti is still working on incorporating the Spryker Commerce OS for additional country-stores.

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