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Spryker Customer Advisory Board 2022

Spryker established its Customer Advisory Board (CAB) with the goal of involving its existing customers in product development through sharing and exploration.

Spryker Customer Advisory Board 2022

  • Fred Jung | Head of Technology, Läpple Group

    A man with a beard and mustache smiling, wearing a gray suit jacket and white shirt, stands in front of lush greenery. He’s ready for the customer advisory board meeting.

    IT-guy since QDOS. As a software engineer and consultant, I have been helping companies digitize their business processes for years. My work reduces complexities, enable people and help them focus on the important things – the people business.

    Landed in eCommerce by accident and fell in love with Spryker right away. Since then, I am got my hands on the product and keep learning every day. In my free time I like to join the dark side of the force as well as downhill mountain biking

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  • Julia Sendtko | Product Owner, Detlev Louis Motorrad

    A person with short hair and a gray scarf smiles while looking directly at the camera. They are indoors with a light-colored wall and a framed board in the background, perhaps getting ready to attend a customer advisory board meeting.

    I work for Louis almost seven years now. Started back then in the marketing department where I gained comprehensive insight into our online and stationary business throughout various projects. I joined the web-development in May 2018.

    In my role as a product owner for one of our three development teams I am currently jointly responsible for the re-implemenation of our online platform- from a self-developed shop to Spryker OS.

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  • Andreas Wüst | Head of Customer Technology, Hornbach Baumarkt AG

    A bald man with a beard, representing the customer advisory board, is wearing an orange polo shirt with a grey collar and standing against a beige background.

    I started my Career in a startup incuubator in Walldorf. Then I joined HORNBACH as a project manager for technology research and development. 4 years ago I became teamlead for different inhouse development teams (App Development, UX Design, Product configurators).

    Since September 2021 I am responsible for Customer technology at HORNBACH. That includes out B2C Webshop, our mobile App and our POS Systems.

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  • Tim Jägers | Head of E-Commerce, Colons GmbH & Co. KG

    A man with short blonde hair, wearing a dark blazer and white shirt, is smiling against a plain black background—embodying the professional spirit of a customer advisory board member.

    At Colons I am responsible for the digital transformation of the traditional sanitary, heating and air conditioning wholesale business. My focus contains the permanent optimization and further development of the functionalities in the shop . Moreover i am responsioble for the online marketing.

    I acquired my in-depth knowledge in previous positions such as GroupM, EMP and Researchgate. The passion for e-commerce resulted from my international Management studies.

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  • Till Hess | Head of Digital Product & Tech, Fond of GmbH

    A man with short brown hair and a beard wearing a light blue sweater smiles at the camera against a plain white background, embodying the friendly spirit of Spryker careers.

    Till Hess has been with FOND OF since 2014 and has played a key role in building up the tech department.

    His focus is on the areas of Digital Product & Tech. Together with his teams, he takes FOND OF’s numerous brand stores to the next level and develops the B2B store and sharpens the strategies for the various platforms.

    Before joining FOND OF and during his studies, Till already worked as a freelance developer for various online stores.

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  • Bernd Baldauf | General Manager,

    Bald man in a dark suit jacket and white shirt, looking straight at the camera against a plain background, embodying the professionalism of someone on a customer advisory board.

    Since October 2013 he is responsible for all eBusiness activities of the company worldwide. Before joining Krones AG, Mr. Baldauf has several years of experience as a management consultant and in various management positions in the eBusiness environment (B2C and B2B).

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  • Shaya Pourmirza | Head of eCommerce and Data Engineering, Atida

    A bald man with glasses, a beard, and a mustache is smiling while wearing a dark suit and white shirt, possibly attending a customer advisory board meeting.

    I am a highly educated professional in the field of eCommerce and IT. Currently, I am leading an eCommerce platform development in Atida which is one of the largest pan-European online health and wellbeing groups with over 900 employees in 8 locations in Europe.

    Before this challenge, I was part of Building Blocks, a data science serv-ware company developing Consumer AI technology to provide a deep understanding of individual consumers’ needs in the eCommerce world.

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  • Melissa Hohertz-Foat | Global Digital Strategy, Banner Engineering

  • Iyer Kasinath | Director, IT Applications Development and BI

    A man with a mustache, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie, is seated at a table during a customer advisory board event.
  • Stephan Backenköhler | CTO, Kapten & Son

    A man with short dark hair, wearing glasses and a white button-up shirt, stands in front of a plain white background, ready to go on air.
  • Frederik Frölcke | Team Lead eBusiness, Emil Löffelhardt

    A man with short hair and a beard smiles at the camera. He is wearing a white shirt, and the background includes a brightly lit bar or restaurant sign, suggesting he might be out with his customer advisory board.

    In love with IT and digitization projects and have been working in the IT environment for over 13 years. My basis is a commercial apprenticeship, a degree in business informatics from the University of Bamberg and a lot of practical experience in medium-sized companies.

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  • Nils Wolfram | Head of Customer Ordering,

    A headshot of a man with short hair and a neutral expression, wearing a dark top, against a plain background, ideal for featuring in customer advisory board presentations.

    Spreading cookies for over 23 years in various positions the e-commerce in the b2b-b2c industry. From start-up to billion-dollar companies.

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  • Philipp Grüter | Head of Technical Line Mercanto, Pistor AG

    A bald man with glasses and a slight smile, wearing a dark suit jacket, a blue shirt, and a purple tie, is pictured against a plain background. He looks like he's ready to join the customer advisory board.

    I prefer people over processes and I am used to respond to change over following a plan. Every team is as good as its weekest member and I am fascinated by swarm intelligence.

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  • Jürgen Schäffeler | Head of Sales & Marketing, O’Neal

    A person with short dark hair and a faint beard smiles at the camera, wearing a red T-shirt against a plain background, as if mid-discussion in a customer advisory board meeting.

    I started my career in sports retail After that I changed to the manufacturing side of the sports business, joining a premium sports apparel manufacturer as a marketing manager, responsible for retail marketing, events, & digital marketing, and marketplace business.

    With O’NEAL , my goal is to become the digital leader in our industry. In the last 2y we implemented several digital tools, like PIM, Spryker, a new BI solution, and atm we’re close to launch a data warehouse and we still have big plans in digitalization Following the composable enterprise philosophy Me personally, I have no IT background, but I’m a digital enthusiast who’s loving to learn and explore.

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  • Rudolf Orth | Director Multichannel, Globus Markhallen Holding GmbH & Co. KG

    Black and white portrait of a man with short hair and a beard, wearing a button-up shirt, looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression, as if addressing a customer advisory board.

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