Digital commerce for your business

This course covers a comprehensive eCommerce project from start to finish.

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Comprehensive Course

This course covers a comprehensive eCommerce project from start to finish.

“Digital Commerce for Your Business” is the best course to get you to the next level of understanding the ins and outs of digital commerce. The course is based on the Digital Commerce Canvas and covers the main building blocks of any eCommerce project. It teaches you about the differences between B2C and B2B commerce, traditional and emerging digital channels, how to design your digital catalog, explore different pricing and merchandising strategies, and create a great customer experience.


What does the course cover?

We know that learning requires effort. That's why we’ve prepared a course that will be easily digestible, fun, and accessible. On top of that, we’ll provide everything you might need for a seamless eCommerce implementation. Explore various pricing and merchandising strategies, learn from case studies about the best in the industry, and focus on a great customer experience. Dive into our five-plus-hour course to be well on your way to becoming an expert today!


A walk through the origins and evolution of eCommerce and an introduction to the Digital Commerce Canvas framework.


Learn about different types of customers and how to develop your eCommerce system to support them.


Everything about digital channels that companies use to reach their customers.


From a digital commerce perspective, anything a customer can put in a shopping cart is a product.

Product merchandising

The term merchandising comes from retail and refers to activities that promote sales, especially by presenting and positioning products in the store.

Product discovery

The success of digital commerce depends on how easy it is for customers to find the products they need. Businesses need to analyze product discovery functionality from both internal and external perspectives.


Every product has a price. You can employ many different pricing types in your business, and it can get quite complicated very quickly. In this part of the course, we’ll go through different ways to price your products and implement prices in digital commerce.


Promotions allow businesses to offer incentives to customers buying certain products or services. They can come in a multitude of different forms. Depending on a business, these may be simple or extremely complex.

Shopping cart

Even now, you can still find some articles referring to an eCommerce system as shopping cart software. While this is far too simplistic, it shows its essential place in any project.


The checkout flow is probably the most critical part of any eCommerce implementation. It’s directly responsible for driving sales and contributing to the bottom line of the business.


A business should offer a variety of convenient payment methods to its customers. You’ll learn about the payment methods and providers used in digital commerce around the globe and how to select the right set for your business.

Order Management

Order processing is analyzed from a customer perspective and the back-end implementation.

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Michael Vax, Expert in B2B and B2C Commerce

Michael is an eCommerce industry veteran with 30 years of IT experience. He has more than a decade of hands-on knowledge and know-how in leading the development of major enterprise eCommerce platforms and helping customers to move their business online. He has worked for such industry leaders as Hybris (SAP), Spryker, and Elasticpath.

Digital Commerce Course

Why We Recommend this Course

This course, with its deep dive into the intricacies of digital commerce, will help navigate through the many capabilities that Spryker has to offer and help your business create a seamless ecommerce journey for customers.

Student Reviews

What students have to say about the course

I would recommend the course to any company planning their strategy: eCommerce teams, managers, online marketing managers, customer success managers, and decision-makers in eCommerce. Following Michael's canvas has been incredibly helpful to me to map and structure business capabilities and provide more value to our customers"

Lily Kriegs, Team Lead Customer Success, Spryker

This course will both help to form a bigger picture and envision the possibilities of your commerce tools and point at small, important details you might not know about yet. My biggest recommendations for everyone who has a goal to transform their business.”

Egle Ragauskaite, Partner Success Manager, Spryker

Digital Commerce For Your Business

Make digital commerce your competitive advantage with a course that helps you optimally implements your unique business model.